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Spreading the love through links

Hi everyone.... Long time Arcana fan, first time poster. I don't really have much to say but I have a few links that you'd all probably be interested in... to the gallery and fanart, and also the last page. Kelly didn't link back to these when she last updated the site.

Gallery - http://arcana.keenspace.com/galleryarcana.htm

Fanart - http://arcana.keenspace.com/fanart.htm

aaaand, last page - http://arcana.keenspace.com/d/20040220.html

Since many people started reading Arcana after the ending they missed these good and important thingies!

And don't forget about the summary linked on the main page!

I just felt the need to say this because Kelly still gets comments on her livejournal about the continuation of Arcana and as to where these links are... i try to answer as best i can but it's frustrating because she doen'st reply and they don't read the earlier replies that explain what's going on. Grrr... HOpefully you all understand and if you don't you can ask me since i did read all of Kelly's interim posts on what was going on and have als obeen in touch with kouri and karasu, the prose writers.

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